Current Graduate Students
David M. Bird (2009)
Lina Bardo (Ph.D.) Influence of long-term captive breeding on kestrels
Dominique Chabot (Ph.D.) Application of fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to wildlife biology
Sarah Marteinson (Ph.D.) Effects of brominated flame-retardant chemicals on reproduction of captive kestrels
Raphael Goulet (M.Sc.) Ecology of urban-nesting bald eagles in the Vancouver region
Dimitris Kobiliris (M.Sc.) Relationship of brominated flame-retardant chemicals to stress behaviour in captive kestrels
Tiffany Gilchrist (M.Sc.) Impact of brominated flame-retardant chemicals on wild-nesting tree swallows in Ontario
Kristen Keyes (M.Sc.) Ecology of declining short-eared owls in southern Ontario

Graduated students

Penak, Brenda (M.Sc. 1982) Biologist, Wildlife Habitat Canada
Rehder, Nancy (M.Sc. 1983) administrative assistant, Calgary
Carriere, Daniel (M.Sc. 1985) Quebec government biologist
Duncan, James (M.Sc. 1985) Nature Conservancy, Winnipeg,. Manitoba
Bowman, Reed (M.Sc. 1985) Adjunct Prof., Univ. South Florida
Brock, Kelly (M.Sc. 1986) Biologist, U.S.Navy Shrike Recovery San Diego
Lavigne, André, (M.Sc. 1987) Fund-raiser, Laurentian Univ.
Saumier, Michèle (M.Sc. 1987) Public school teacher
Schaadt, Charles (Ph.D. 1989) Asst. prof., Penn. State Univ.
Gard, Nicholas (M.Sc. 1989) Biologist, Industry
Hunt, Katherine (M.Sc. 1990) Working at home
Bombardier, Manon (M.Sc. 1992) Contract biologist
Jee Yan Chu (M.Sc. 1992) teacher
Derin Henderson (M.Sc. 1993) Contract biologist, Canadian Wildlife Service
Kelly MacLellan (M.Sc. 1994) Veterinarian
Amy Chabot (M.Sc. 1994) Contract biologist
Serge Brodeur (M.Sc. 1994) Contract biologist
Laird Shutt (Ph.D. 1995) Director, National Wildlife Research Centre, Ottawa
Meloni Muir (Ph.D. 1995) Post-doctoral Fellow, Australia
Cristian Palma Haug (M.Sc. 1995) veterinarian
Arief Soendjoto (M.Sc. 1995) forestry biologist, Indonesia
Heather Cunningham (M.Sc. 1995) M.Sc. Library Science, McGill University
Isabelle Bisson (M.Sc. 1996) Post-doctoral fellow, Princeton, NJ
Morris Villarroel (Ph.D. 1997) Biologist, Spain
Kim Fernie (Ph.D., 1998) Biologist, Canadian Wildlife Service, Burlington
Peter Thomas (M.Sc. 1999) Endangered Species Biologist, CWS
Leslie Kerr (M.Sc. 1999) teacher, Yukon
Veera Harnal (M.Sc., 2000) Librarian Scientist
Joanna Coleman (M.Sc. 2002) Ph.D., Univ. Of Calgary
Oliver Love (M.Sc. 2002) Completed Ph.D., Univ. British Columbia
Marc Pauze (M.Sc. 2002) Board of National Energy, Calgary
Alain Fontaine (M.Sc. 2002) Biologist, Canadian Wildlife Service, Nunavut
Ngaio Richards (M.Sc. 2003) Ph.D., forensic science, Anglia PolyTech. Univ., UK
Dawn Laing (M.Sc. 2005) Biologist, Environment Canada, Downsview, Ontario
Christina Donehower (Ph.D. 2007) Biologist, State of Hawaii
Sarah Fraser (M.Sc. 2007) Biologist, Prairie Research Associates, Ottawa
Gahbauer, Marcel (Ph.D., 2008) Biologist, Jacques Whitford Consulting, Calgary
Barb Frei (M.Sc., 2008) Ph.D., Trent and McGill Universities
Michael Ross-Boulianne (M.Sc., 2008) Biologist with First Nations organization, Quebec City
Katrina Sullivan (M.Sc., 2009) Currently seeking employment
Hudson, Maria-Anne (Ph.D., 2009) Currently teaching at McGill University; seeking employment

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