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The McGill Bird Observatory was initiated by a handful of graduate students of the Avian Science and Conservation Centre. To go to the MBO web site, click on the link below.

McGill Bird Observatory


The Avian Science and Conservation Centre (ASCC) is affiliated with the Department of Natural Resource Sciences in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences on the Macdonald campus of McGill University.  Established in 1973, the centre's purpose is to foster a greater  understanding of the biology, conservation, and management of birds through a multipurpose program of research and education.  Major areas of research included behaviour, ecology, nutrition, toxicology, reproductive physiology, and parasitology of captive and wild birds, as well as captive breeding and management of endangered species. However, in 2011, the colony of captive-breeding American kestrels was disbanded and a new research focus was created ---- the application of Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) to wildlife research and management (see Present Research). Also, in 2013, Dr. David Bird, the Director of the ASCC, retired as an Emeritus Professor, but still retains his position as director. Please note that while he is still very active in his research on UVS applications, he is no longer taking on any new graduate students.

David M. Bird, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology
Editor of Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems
Department of Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University
c/o North Saanich, British Columbia V8L 5J1

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